About me

Hi 👋🏼, I'm Timo, 22 years old and I'm from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Currently I'm studying computer science at the Westälischen Hochschule in Bocholt. As a dual student, I also work as a software developer in addition to my studies. I primarily use TypeScript, but I'm also familiar with other languages like C#, PHP or Java.

When I'm not programming in my free time, I like to read or meet up with friends. I'm also volunteering for the NGO Togo Neuer Horizont e.V..

Meine Projekte


TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, Git, Linux, Docker, MongoDB, Postgres, HTML, CSS, NPM, Astro, Vite, Bootstrap, Nginx, GitHub ...


You can encrypt your email with my public OpenPGP-Key or S/MIME-Key.

About this website

This website was created with 🚀 Astro , Bootstrap and Node.js . For the animations I used Animate.css and Typed.js and the icons are from FontAwesome.

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